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According to latest Bersin by Deloitte research, companies have registered a steep 5% growth in Predictive Analytics.

At WaysAhead, we help organizations in transforming Cost Centre to Profit Centre. WaysAhead specializes in helping organizations to move from Operational Reporting to Advanced Analytics and then subsequently to Predictive Analytics model.

WaysAhead SMART-BI is a bouquet cost effective Solutions designed to suit all levels of organizations, be it IT or Non-IT startups or be it seasoned corporations. We provide innovative solutions in building around intelligent business through state-of-the tech Digital Transformation.

Business Intelligence:
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At WaysAhead, we are driven by the following market activities:

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The BI and analytics platform market has transitioned during the past several years as the balance of power steadily shifted from IT to the business. This multiyear shift of focus from IT-led reporting to business-led self-service analytics passed the tipping point in 2016, which has forced a new perspective on the definition of a BI and analytics platform, and consequently, has significantly re-ordered the business landscape.

We, at WaysAhead, build business intelligence dashboards so you don't have to. Discover the hidden value in your data and empower your colleagues to drive your business objectives.

Our Solutions include building of Business Intelligence Dashboards as a visual representation of a company Business Metrics and Key Performance Indicators. Data scientists at WaysAhead have expertise in building self-service custom BI solutions which include sophisticated and interactive BI Dashboards to provide actionable insights.

Ways Ahead We provide 3 versions of each dashboard, Lite, Pro and Custom. The Fast Track service provides the following 'Lite' dashboard versions which get you up and running quickly in just a couple of days (or weeks' time).

"Delivering bottom line impact through innovative and intuitive (instinctive, instinctual) Business Intelligence"

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